English: A teacup on a wooden table. The leave...

English: A teacup on a wooden table. The leaves have collected in the middle after stirring because of the Tea Leaf Paradox. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Hi! After a gestation period of 9 months and seven days, I am proud to announce the birth of my first book, ‘The Tea Leaf Paradox’. The book shares its birthdate with Brian, my campervan, who was 25 on Saturday. It’s a bit scary to finally offer one’s virgin literary creation to the world but hopefully it will provide some entertainment for less than the price of a swift half. You can find it here.

This day may represent the end of one story, but it also heralds the beginning of another. Having never home brewed or been educated in brewing and with no experience of running my own business, I’m going to start down the path of creating my own brewery. The best journeys are usually those you fear most and plan least so this one should be memorable. I’ll be doing my very best to lead the way through the mysterious tunnel ahead and would be most grateful for your company.

So far I have a name, ‘Orbit Brewing’, and some broad ideas and principles about the type of beer I want to create. It must have top quality ingredients, no additives whatsoever (although I might be persuaded to add some copper finings) and be allowed plenty of time to condition properly. The core range will be exclusively craft beers as opposed to real ales to ensure that if perfect beer leaves the brewery, perfect beer gets served to the customer.

There are 45 breweries currently within the M25 so the competition will be tough. I believe in my heart though that there will always be room for gorgeous new beers, especially as these may be the catalyst for punters migrating away from the mega-brands. I would love to visit all 45 breweries in London, even just to say hi, as well as learning about our brewing community. First up though will be the Camden Town Brewery as I love their beers and they’re just round the corner.

Seems like a good start. Cheers!