Discovering Beer in the Land of Whisky

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After 26 years in pensions, two years of traveling the world and one year spent writing a book about visiting every Scottish brewery in my campervan, I have now to decide how to spend my 30th post graduation year. I definitely don’t want to return to the artificial world of suits, meetings and expense accounts but it would appear that I have no other employable skills or talents.

What I need is a passion and a purpose, a new path to pursue that will bring adventure and discovery, pain and pleasure, peaks and troughs. Being paid to travel and write would be the perfect solution but for now must remain an unfulfilled dream. I need something less esoteric and wistful, more tangible and practical – a proper job where success can be measured in sales and satisfaction. Something for which I may be ill-prepared but not totally unprepared.

Enough prevarication, you know where this is going; having visited sixty breweries in Scotland, it’s time to start my own one here in London. The journey to build, launch and grow the Orbit Brewing Company will kick off on 1 July 2013. I’ll be blogging about the whole experience from initial planning to selling our first pint right here on Going into Orbit!


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Discovering Beer in the Land of Whisky

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Discovering Beer in the Land of Whisky

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Discovering Beer in the Land of Whisky

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Discovering Beer in the Land of Whisky